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Web slings can only be used with loads that have sharp edges or rough surfaces when they are protected at all areas in danger. All Dolezych web slings are therefore form-stabilized, braced and finished during manufacturing. For some kinds of usage, this is not enough. For rough use, the DoRobust eye sling has been developed. This web sling has a sealed texture that works as a “built-in” abrasion protection. The stirrup slings are coated with synthetic (approx. 1 mm of PU) after production. In doing so, the seams are sealed and protected. Do Robust is highly abrasion-resistant despite being flexible and even more durable than standard web slings. In inspection series, the DoRobust web slings have shown significantly longer service periods.
If you consider a thinner and therefore cheaper coating to be sufficient, choose the medium variant instead of the strong coating.

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